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Kiwifruit Processing Company Limited

We have a commitment to innovation, improvement and excellence. Our company continues to develop innovative practices to ensure the supply of quality products into the beverage, dairy and pharmaceutical sectors.

As a leader in the industry, we now export across Asia, Europe and the Americas and continue to expand our export and domestic markets. The company has been recognised with both export and manufacturing awards for excellence and achievements throughout this expansion over the past 15 years.

We have made a commitment to protect our environment and are implementing strategies to ensure good environmental practices – this includes our goal of ‘zero waste’ by maximising the full value of the kiwifruit. We continually review our operations to also encompass minimum water use and good packaging philosophies.

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Business Awards


healthy & tasty inclusion for your beverage offering >


included in products from desserts toppings, salads sauces >

Pharmaceuticals & Nutraceuticals

high enzyme active applications >

Meet Our Team

Meet Our Team

Grant Jeffrey


Tony Sayle


Kathryn Jewson

Operations Manager

Craig Jeffrey

Supply Chain Manager

Thomas Fischer

Production Manager

Rachael Jeffrey

Seed Extraction Manager

Kate / Kimberley McCourt

Seed Extraction and Seed Dressing Technician

Kimberley McCourt

Quality Assurance Officer

Brendin Lamb

Team Leader - Coolstore Operations

Cody Lee

Yard Assistant - Coolstore Operations

About the Team

Our team combines skill sets gained from past experiences in corporate and private companies and we are able to bring these qualification to Kiwifruitz to build a strong work environment ensuring quality processes and outcomes. As a private company operating more than 15 years, Kiwifruitz has built up its own intellectual knowledge in processing and we continue to push the innovation boundaries – most importantly in the areas of product utilisation and waste minimisation. To further support these attributes Kiwifruitz is located at Newnham Park – an innovation park that incorporates numerous award winning business in the fields of product design, research and operations in the primary sector.


Quality & Process

Quality & Process

Kiwifruitz continues to innovate by assisting our customers with new product offerings - be it our kiwifruit seeds, skin extracts or new uses for our kiwifruit puree. These can be seen across the globe in beverage, food and nutraceutical products.

Kiwifruitz maintains a very strong focus on managing the supply chain. From orchard to you, the entire process of fruit sourcing, processing and shipment is managed using a documented quality management system. Kiwifruitz operates a New Zealand Government Approved Food Safety Programme, which is externally audited and certified. This ensures you receive the very best of our quality.

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