New Factory Commissioned
1 July 2009
New Factory Commissioned

Kiwifruit Processing Company is pleased to announce the opening of their new facility in Tauranga. It recognises the growth over the past 10 years for the company but has also become a necessity in meeting the ever changing food industry compliance and customer needs on the global stage. The development allows Kiwifruit Processing Company to operate in a world class facility and now has the ability to show case itself to international clients. Whilst general processes are not changing, some new equipment has been added to increase efficiency and enhance the overall operation. The building and fit-out has been completed by local companies. Built from Polypanels, the design allows red line access, dry and wet processing rooms, and improved product process flows.There are some exciting opportunities in the forms of extracts from seed, skin and powder. These are high value products and the new facility now gives us capability to invest time and energy in bringing these value added products to fruition. The company is also examining new varieties of kiwifruit and has recently trialed this in the facility.


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