Snack Bar Launch
2 June 2013
Snack Bar Launch

This year we have been assisting a group of Otumoetai College Young Business Enterprise Students to produce a 35g snack bar with Kiwifruit. We trialled more than 10 variations of the formulation before agreeing on a really great tasting end product. The bar is very unique and has incorporated our kiwifruit puree in both blending with honey and through kiwifruit pieces. Our kiwifruit seed also features. The packaging is fully compostable and was supplied by Convex Plastics. The students have designed and marketed the product. 

At present they have launched this into 3 college canteens and also have just completed a successful market day at their college. Click here for the Nombar Facebook Site.

This really is a great tasting snack bar!! Note: We (Kiwifruitz) are yet to market the bar with our own brand and are interested in your thoughts.


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