Waste Minimisation
1 September 2011
Waste Minimisation

Since early 2011 Kiwifruit Processing Company has been participating in the Western Bay of Plenty District Council Waste Minimisation Programme for businesses. Kiwifruitz have always operated their business with sustainable practices in mind and this process has recently been independently audited and verified by the Council service provider, Waste Watchers Ltd. Kiwifruitz will continue to adopt environmentally friendly methods for operating their businesses whilst branding and marketing their products and services as more sustainable.  The objective of programme is for Kiwifruitz to look at every aspect of their operation to gain a better understanding of sustainability and “best practice” within the industry. Kiwifruitz currently diverts over 95% of their waste by weight from landfill and is continuing to find innovative ways to recover even more from their waste stream.
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